This morning I have BIG NEWS to tell you for nothing! THE TOMB IS EMPTY! The Man , who was killed by the soldiers of the best army of the ancient world, was definitely dead for three days and this Man is alive and He is very well! If then Jesus of Nazareth is stronger than death, that means He is the Lord of life and death!

And it also means that I can believe the words of Christ, who promised to raise me from the dead with Him. So, I am given a chance to have eternal life! In my mortal body my soul is immortal indeed. Nobody can take away the life of my soul unless I choose to give my soul away to the service of sin.

Who would not feel the gravitation of sin? Indeed, sin pulls us down, even though our soul wants to rise up to God. St Paul said that he wanted to do good, but evil takes over. Here we notice the gravitation of sin. Fortunately, thanks to Jesus, who crushed satan- the father of sin, we are free again and have a chance to become a new person and live Christianity in a new way.

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